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Wear It Your Way

What guides the way you get dressed? Here, we round up five key style personalities to offer you inspiration. You might be one of these characters or you might be all – so take a little or a lot from each look, and of course, as always, add your own spin. That’s what personal style is all about.



The Indie Kid

OK, you’re not a kid: but this indie vibe is youthful at heart, and that’s what matters. You often like to show your musical allegiances through what you wear, so you’ll follow the style lead of your favourite frontmen. With that in mind, this style persona is characterised by its attitude – the effect is low maintenance even if you have (actually) given what you wear quite a bit of thought.

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Fret Relaxed Fit Graphic T-Shirt

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The Modernist

Spot check. You don’t leave the house without making sure your fit is in good shape. Tailored pieces are your go-to, and it’s no wonder – they give a high polish feel with low effort. Nodding to vintage is part of your MO, too, and you’ll play with the influence of eras and subcultures, like the 50s Rockabilly vibes in this look. So sharp.

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Keith Leather Buckle Monk Shoes

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The New Skater

Once a skater boy, always a skater boy, all the way from the 90s to now. This is a style persona that runs deep: if it’s who you are, it’s who you are. You won’t stray far from the hallmarks of the look, but this has grown up a bit, so you will look to update your fabrics, finishes and cuts. Why mess with success? Next stop, the skatepark.

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Washed Leather Bum Bag

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Slane Relaxed Fit Cargo Shorts

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The Influencer

Although streetwear is your stock-in-trade, the word casual is not in your vocabulary. Instead, you choose statement-making pieces that turn heads and generate likes – whether in the street or online. You play with proportion (note the wide-leg cargo pants) as well as opting for unexpected patterns, prints and finishes – a crochet cardigan and fashion-forward shades. You’ll never feel fully dressed without a logo – and a signature chunky chain. Double tap to like.

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Sonic Rectangular Shaped Sunglasses

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Carabiner Two Tone Necklace

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Verge Wide Leg Relaxed Fit Cargo Trousers

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The Minimalist

Shhh. You don’t like your clothes to shout, but that doesn’t mean you don’t want them to speak volumes. Quite the reverse. Call it minimalism, call it quiet luxury, either way this aesthetic is all about choosing pieces which are well designed and highly crafted with a superior finish. In general, you opt for simple pieces and clean lines, and you’re inspired by how your clothes make you feel. It’s a power play.

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Swift Square Aviator Sunglasses

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