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The Footwear

The fall/winter footwear collection is here. Designed in-house at our East London studio, discover iconic boots, trainers and more. Using high-quality materials, every style is hand-finished by expert craftsmen - our footwear will take you anywhere.





Mens Footwear


Chelsea, biker styles and more – all made from the finest materials.


Somewhere between dressed up and casual – every occasion is covered.

Hiker Boots

Any time, any place. These boots are made for the great outdoors.


High and low-top silhouettes all day, every day – we’re taking it easy.

Behind The Scenes

"We designed the new footwear collection in our East London studio with the idea of creating timeless classics. The majority of our footwear collection is handmade in northern Portugal by two small family-owned businesses. With generations of experience, they make beautiful styles that improve with age. We also use European Leather Working Group (silver and gold) approved tanneries. Made to last and to be worn with everything, they look as good as they feel."

Roger Smith, Head of Product / Footwear


Drawing of a trainer
Trainer being stitched
Leather detail with AllSaints logo

Size Guide

Find your perfect fit, with the help of our size guide.

White trainers
Close up on Biker Boots

Conscious Commitment

All the leather we use is from LWG approved tanneries: a globally-recognised organisation representing responsible leather sourcing to the industry and to our customers.

Good To Know

We would suggest using a professional leather cleaning specialist who uses an environmentally friendly method to protect your footwear when needed.
Leathers can also be cleaned with a soft, dry cloth to remove any dirt, or with a small footwear brush.
Suede and Nubuck can be cleaned gently with a suede brush. Removing stubborn marks will require a suitable product available in good-quality shoe care stores.
Canvas can be cleaned with a damp soft cloth - never use the washing machine as it will damage the footwear and your machine. Care must be taken when cleaning canvas uppers as finishings are applied. Brighter colors may change if water and excessive rubbing is applied.

We don’t recommend that you wear suede in wet weather. We would recommend using a good quality suede protector especially on lighter colored suedes which will help if you get caught out in the rain.

Store in a warm dry environment. Should your leather shoes become wet, allow them to dry naturally, never dry them using direct heat or a radiator.
Natural leather heels and soles are often made up of several layers. Leather will expand when wet and should be dried slowly to avoid separation of these layers. Store footwear with limited exposure to heat and sunlight. Most leathers become hard if they get very wet. Once fully dried they may need a day or two to soften up again.
Using shoe trees or shoe moulds whilst footwear is in storage will maintain the shape of your footwear and help absorb moisture.
Your shoes will proportionally last longer if you alternate between two or three different styles. We don’t recommend that you wear the same shoes every day as they need time to breathe and to completely dry out.

Fine leather soles will wear out quicker than rubber or resin soles. As shoes wear out, a good shoe repair shop should be able to add a fine rubber sole over the damaged sole.
Heel top pieces wear down and can easily be repaired to prolong the life of your shoes/boots. Never allow your heels to wear down past the top piece.

AllSaints selects leathers with rich character and natural finishes. Due to the natural finishes of our leathers, color transfer can occur on other materials. Avoid contact with light colored garments.

When you purchase any footwear, it is always best to wear them for short periods for the first few days to allow the materials to mould around your foot naturally to prevent blisters. It is advisable not to wear the same footwear over consecutive days, this is to allow your feet to relax.

Ideally use a professional service. Many high street cobblers now have this service. If not you can clean light marks using a damp (nearly dry) cloth or soft brush.

Sneakers, loafers and slimline boots all look good with chinos - but that’s just our opinion…style is individual to you, wear them your way!

Roll-up jeans, with an oversized t-shirt and leather jacket to finish - it’s all about the attitude.

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