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AllSaints UK

Six graphic t-shirts from past collections.


The Sound of Fashion

Authenticity and individuality. To us, they’re more than buzzwords. Just like music, they’ve been there since the beginning. They were with us in East London in 1994. Today, they’re in every collection loved by the AllSaints community. 

AllSaints was born when alternative culture and underground music were a way of life. This attitude continues to flow through everything we do and the influence is there for everyone to see across our ranges, especially in our Men's T-Shirts and Women's T-Shirts.

Music Makes Memories

For AllSaints, music has always been a powerful inspiration. Submerged in London's alternative 90s scene, the studio was constantly filled with music. From the first collection to the most recent, our designs have been influenced by rock stars, bands and artists. Influencing our community from our earliest days, it continues to build connections and make memories today - with unique soundtracks at the centre of our in-store experience.

For the AllSaints community, music isn’t just key to creating an experience they love, but remembering it forever. 

Music - Worn By You

While individual tracks connect us to special moments, live music events connect us to artists and each other. Dancing, singing and feeling the rhythm together is an experience unique to gigs like LA Sessions.  What we wear brings us closer to our favourite artists and other fans. But for some, the band t-shirt is the way to go to really show your allegiance.

This is true for influencer and gig attendee Aj The Witch, who says “I buy music t-shirts at every gig I go to, to show I was there and because I collect them. I love seeing people’s band t-shirts as it gives an idea of who they are as a person and whether we have similar tastes.”

To see exactly how our clothes, and specifically music t-shirts, make us feel more connected to music and give us a sense of belonging, we asked the nation to tell us their thoughts, surveying 1000+ people in the United Kingdom on their relationship with music.

Buy Once, Love Forever

Just like buying vinyl to put their favourite track on repeat, people select their most-loved music t-shirts to wear again and again. Of those that owned a music t-shirt, 27% had between one and five in their wardrobe. Whilst 11% of Generation Z (16 to 24-year-olds) owned between six and ten t-shirts. 

Plus, though only a select few artists or bands make it into the final t-shirt collection, fans’ commitment to them is long-lasting. A third said they’d owned their t-shirts for between six and ten years, with 5% having at least one for more than ten years. 

Style Sounds Like This

You might think rock, reggae and dance lovers would choose to dress differently, but music fans’ style is all about expressing their individuality. More than half of people going to a music event said they’d wear their usual clothes and 74% choose not to conform to genre-specific clothing.

So, when it comes to expressing their love for music through their clothes, individuality is a priority for fans. 

Not Just For Fans

Music t-shirts, just like gigs, are for everyone - not just fans. 

Most agree you don’t need to know all band members’ names (63%), ten or more songs (74%) or have seen an artist live (73%) before you wear their t-shirt. In short, there are no rules when it comes to who can and can’t wear music t-shirts.

We Have Some Guilty Pleasures

In today's world of streaming services and personal headphones it's easy for us all to get lost in our own world when it comes to music, with very little judgement. But we were surprised to learn that 67% of those surveyed would not proudly wear their most listened-to artists of the year on a t-shirt.

Keep It Professional

What’s most important for fans is owning whatever you wear. Though 81% of people said music t-shirts weren’t right for work and 74% believed they shouldn’t be worn on a first date, 76% said it wouldn’t be uncool or embarrassing to wear their artist’s t-shirt to a gig. 

So whatever your outfit choice, as long as it’s making you feel great, it’s all good. 

It’s All About The Music

When it comes to showing their love for music through their style, fans want to enjoy the experience, express their individuality and connect to their artists and community. It's about choosing clothes that embrace how good music makes us feel. Expressing this connection to music has driven AllSaints’ style from the start and continues to influence our collections, including our t-shirts, today. 

Express your love of music with our Men's T-Shirts and Women's T-Shirts.

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