We’re back in California.

With alternative pop quartet,
the Aces.

This is their LA Session.

Close-up on The Aces' singer standing behing her mic and wearing headphones while performing her song.
Singer, percussionist and guitarist of The Aces' band performing their song and wearing items from our men's and women's collections.

A new record, Under My Influence
is vulnerable and authentic.

They want their fans to feel
submerged in the music, to walk away
feeling closer to them than ever.

Close-up on The Aces' bassist. Close-up on The Aces' percussionist.

Today they’re performing Daydream.

A song about what it’s like to be away from a loved one.

A love note to say, ‘I’m thinking
of you', so daydream about me.

Two previously unreleased tracks
are out now. Sleepy Eyes
and Aren’t You.
Guitars, bassline
and a promise of hope.
That’s what they’re about.