Stage one

Your parachute dress will arrive correctly tied and ready to wear. However, if you wish to adjust the cotton ties to alter the strap length, change the silhouette shape or to make the dress fuller, then please follow these instructions.

Front View

Shape and adjust the skirt layers by tightening and loosening cotton ties (A) and (B) as desired.
Re-work the silhouette by joining cotton ties (A) and (B) to create a new arrangement.

Back View

Cotton ties (C) and (D) can be un-knotted to drape freely. Alternatively can be joined to either cotton ties (E), (F) and (G) for a unique styled arrangement.

Stage Two

Step-by-step guide demonstrating how to adjust the strap length or to completely re-tie the straps.


Start by taking the shorter cotton tie (1) from loop (A) and wrap around the back of the neck.



Take longer cotton tie (2) and thread through loops (C) and (D).



Bring cotton tie (2) up over the front left shoulder and thread through loop (F).



Finally tie into a bow with tie (1) at back neck.